Chiropractic For Hip Pain Jacksonville, Florida

There are many reasons for having pain over the hip; one of the most common reasons is referred pain from the back. However, the most common causes are misalignment and mobility issues due to poor posture and prolonged sitting along with osteoarthritis (OA). The Torque Release Technique (TRT) is the most up-to-date Chiropractic technique in Jacksonville available in the profession. A large part of the formula for a successful recovery after a hip injury is therapeutic exercise to strengthen and stretch the soft tissues that have been injured.

Common Causes and How Chiropractic For Hip Pain in Jacksonville Can Help Hip Pain

Chiropractic For Hip Pain JacksonvillePain in the hip area can be a direct result from an injury or illness, or it might be a signal that something else is wrong in the body. Pain that is experienced outside the hip near the upper thigh or outer buttock may mean problems with the soft tissues and ligaments around the hip joint. Chiropractic in Duval County, Florida can examine the pelvis and lumbar spine and if appropriate provide treatment for problems that are found in these areas. Misalignment or subluxation of the spine can cause both hip and leg pain by irritating the nerves and creating muscle spasms. Stretching it properly and often can help to reduce pain, and reduce the frequency that pain occurs. Pain in the hip can come directly from the hip joint itself or it may be experienced in the hip joint as a referred pain from a problem somewhere else.

Types of Pain that Chiropractic Treatment in Jacksonville Could Alleviate

The pain is usually worse with activity, especially weight-bearing activity such as walking, bending down, twisting, or working on knees. Corrective chiropractic care can help address the root cause of your hip pain without reliance on drugs or surgery. Research on TRT has been published in the most respected medical journals for its success in reducing anxiety, depression, and improving overall well-being. We treat both acute and chronic hip pain with a variety of techniques, including electric muscle stimulation, ultrasound, deep tissue trigger point massage, manipulation, and rehabilitative exercise. Chiropractic treatment in Duval County 32202 is very beneficial because it focuses on the reason for the pain, not just a quick fix to help you go about your normal activities.

Moreover, the hip joint is an intricate structure that can cause different kinds of pain depending on where the damage is present.Clinically we often find that problems in the pelvis and lower spine affect a persons gait which can in turn lead to hip and knee pain. A chiropractor is likely to be able to treat your hip pain if it is the result of a misalignment in your spine.

Can a Chiropractic Care in Jacksonville, Florida help with arthritis

Before you reach for that bottle of pain reliever, try stretching the pain out. The referred sensation of pain is felt in an area where the nerve travels or ends, but not necessarily from the point of the back where the nerve is being pinched. Also, there is a gradual increase of pain over the side of the hip into the groin, with pain down the front of the thigh and into the knee joint. Based on the descriptive study conducted by the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine of the University of Washington, asymptomatic hip joint can typically refer pain to the buttocks.

Scientific research has proven the Torque Release Technique to be the most specific, scientific technique in the world. Hip pain can come from the muscles tendons, ligaments, bursa sacs, cartilage, bones or nerves that all come together at our “ball and socket” joints in our lower bodies. The chiropractic exam in Florida entails a full work-up of your medical history, family history, and a physical examination to determine where the pain is coming from as it is not always strictly from the hip itself.

Chiropractic Care Options for Jacksonville, Florida

Although less common, hip pain may also be caused by cancer, avascular necrosis, and osteoporosis. If appropriate we will then create a personalized plan that includes necessary chiropractic adjustments, exercises, posture advice and stretching to try to remove your symptoms and improve function. Pain can also occur due to sprains or fractures, which usually only happen to older people who have osteoporosis. Leg raises are common, and very easy stretches that you can do to help strengthen and relieve pain in the front portion of the hips.

One example of referred hip pain is a pinched nerve at the level between the fourth and fifth lumbar vertebrae. Chiropractic care in Jacksonville, Florida will help treat any pain occurring and will help slow the progression of the disease. In cases where muscle pain or an orthopedic condition causes the pain, chiropractic care intervention takes place.