What Jacksonville Has To Offer?

Jacksonville is no doubt the most populous city in Florida. Here culture, nature, history, and modernity come together. This city is also an important international financial center in the area. However, one of its most interesting industry is tourism. It’s very convenient for those who like to have fun without going too far. In a weekend you can enjoy its attractions and have time to repeat some if you crave for more.

Beaches and fun places

The city has more than 100 golf courses, a vast urban park system (the biggest in the US) and the largest population of Florida. In addition to theaters, museums, and a zoo, it has 68 miles of beach and 300 miles of rivers.

To begin, simply take the A1A highway to Big Talbot Island which has 11 miles of beaches. The locals were able to preserve that area in its natural state. Here you can picnic in the vegetation, which provides cooling shade. You can also see the sea landscape, dunes and the ruins of two plantations.

The most dynamic and youthful atmosphere is in Neptune Beach. If you need a place that offers tranquility and a family atmosphere, head north to Atlantic Beach. Where there awaits numerous café terraces, souvenir shops, and an upscale shopping center.

Here the biggest attraction for adventure lovers is the water park Adventure Landing. Waterfalls and high channels tubes offer fun and excitement. It’s 40 feet tall waterfall with a nearly straight drop is daring.

And when hunger begins to itch, go to Atlantic Blvd., It’s an iconic and graceful street with delicious cuisine. It also serves to take a breath of aquatic vertigo Adventure Landing.

Museums and cultural institutions

Jacksonville offers several prestigious museums like the Museum of Science and History. Both children and adults love the interactive exhibits on marine mammals, the Civil War and much more. Next, the Jacksonville Historical Center explores the military past of the city. And the Jacksonville Maritime Museum displays models of boats of World War II built in Jacksonville.

Another cultural institution in the city is the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens. That museum is located in one of the most charming neighborhoods of the city, Riverside Avondale National Register District. This museum exhibits an admirable collection of work of arts. It also features one of the few art workshops for children in the country.

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